About Our Program

Program Overview


The Toddler Program emphasizes individualized attention, close relationships among staff, students, and parents.  The program encourages creativity and growth in young children.  Recent research has shown that optimal development of the human brain occurs between the ages of 2-5 and that the cognitive development and motor skills developed by children during this period had long-lasting as well as often life-influencing effects.  Accordingly, The Toddler Program offers comprehensive range of educational services to its students including but not exclusive to a rich literature-based curriculum frequent excursions, and field trips, exposure to gymnastics, the promotion of interactive social skills, a myriad of challenging physical activities encompassed by their Christ centered values and beliefs.  Our after school program promotes a diverse quality and innovated classes such as Hawaiian culture, Mandarin, keiki cooking, dance classes, Hawaiian language, outdoor activities, and nature exploration.

Sunshine Bears (2 Years Old)


Currently the Sunshine Bears class consists of 4 children with (1) one experienced and nurturing lead teacher and (1) loving aide.  The children are lovingly guided through their first formal educational experiences.  

Aloha Bears (3 Years Old)


Our Aloha Bear class is generally compiled of 10 – 12 active 3 year olds, under the careful and observant guidance of (1) one highly skilled lead teacher and (1) one loving aide.  The Aloha Bears enhance their social skills as well as develop their cognitive skills.  

Friendship Bears (4 Years Old)


 The Friendship Bears are an active contributors to our school community.  These energetic 4 year old children are  lead by (1) one engaging lead teacher and (1) one compassionate aide.  These nurturing staff members skillfully embrace the children in an interactive environment where their cognitive, social, physical, and spiritual developments are captured. 

Honey Bears (Jr. Kindergarten 5 Years Old)


 Honey Bears fill our Jr.  Kindergarten class with 5 inquisitive children and  (1) one innovated lead teacher.  This class guides the children to be life-time learners with a solid foundation in Christ. 

History and Background

The Toddler Program gets it roots from the former Queen Emma Early Preschool at St. Andrew's Priory and from its past Director, Ms. Charmaine Moura. Her extensive experience in early childhood education helped develop and promote the program we now know as The Toddler Program.   

In June 1992, St. Andrew' s Priory informed Ms. Moura and the preschool parents that it was terminating the Early Preschool because it had to demolish the classroom to make space for a new gym. The Priory had no intention of continuing the program, particularly because it was unprofitable to maintain the low student-teacher ratio without significantly increasing tuition.   

At that point, a small number of determined parents decided to find a new location so that this high-quality program could be continued and remain available to working parents. Through much hard work and a lot of good luck, we were able to find a new location at the Waialae Baptist Church. We opened our doors there in November 1992.   

Unfortunately, in 1998 the Waialae Baptist Church asked the program to move out because they were planning a major renovation to the church buildings. After more hard work and good luck, we were able to find another new location on Pahoa Avenue. We completely re-painted and re-carpeted the class room, created a new eating area for the students, re-landscaped the front and back yards, and installed a new air conditioning system. In September 1998, The Toddler Program started its school year in the new facility, where we still are today.